Servo SystemOur History

TAS was founded in 1994 to fill the needs of a local Microwave component manufacturer for out-sourced testing software. The systems they had were serving their needs, but they needed quick-response coverage in case of a failure. They also needed to have new tests added to their existing software as new products were developed.

The skills required to develop a test system included programming, software project management, electrical design and knowledge of their products. A full-time person who had that skill mix was hard to find and with their high overhead was cost-prohibitive. They didn't have the workload to support a full time person but they needed someone to be available on a daily basis to keep the systems running. These problems are typical of many companies.

The choice to use a consultant was clear. None of the employees had the time to manage a software project or to design the test hardware. The key design people there were very busy getting the product shipped on time. The existing test system needed to be constantly available to run repeatable and reliable data. Documentation was critical since there were several users of the system including the design engineering, quality and manufacturing departments.

Test Automation Services met the needs of this company and continues to meet those needs today. TAS is a member of the IEEE Connecticut Consultant's Network which can form teams of consultants to handle large jobs that require multiple specializations.

TAS serves Fairfield County (CT), Westchester County (NY) and Northern New Jersey. We will also work with companies outside that area who require less on-site attention.

Christopher Vaum is the primary consultant at TAS. He has 15 years experience in developing test software and test systems for manufacturing. As a BSEE, Chris is capable of designing, and manufacturing custom electronic test circuits for your application.

Mechanical and harnessing documentation is normally supplied in AutoCad format and schematic diagrams in OrCad. Test procedures are supplied as MS Word files and data is usually presented in tab delimited text files that can be imported into any spreadsheet program. By using standard tools, compatibility with your systems is assured.