Test Station Software

Writing software for test and measurement is the primary product produced at TAS.   Libraries of LabVIEW VI's (virtual instruments) are already developed and are waiting to be dropped into your application.  Analysis and presentation VI's are an important part of any test application and they can be integrated into your test stand or can be available for offline use.  Both control of testing or analysis can occur either over a network or the internet as Web pages.

Software can be written for your existing test stations either in the original language or your software can be re-written in LabView or Visual Basic to facilitate future modification.

New test stations designed either by you or TAS can have software that complies with your most rigorous quality standards.  TAS has experience with testing for military source acceptance and ISO 9001 manufacturing applications.

All test software is documented and procedures are generated governing it's use.   The procedures in many of our systems are in-line with the test sequence for a totally paperless system.  With in-line procedures there is no chance of an operator error with test procedure revisions.

All of your software is revision controlled by TAS to comply with your software quality requirements.

Test Hardware

TAS can re-work your existing station, provide new fixturing or build new stations from scratch either with materials you supply or that we select and purchase for you.

Turn-key systems that are fully tested, configured and warranteed can also be delivered.  Full documentation including electrical and mechanical drawings operating, service and calibration manuals are supplied with these systems.


A test system need to be easy to use an intuitive.  We make our systems work that way.  When you start using a TAS built test system you will have confidence in your measurements because an engineer will sit down with you and explain how the system works, how to calibrate it and what to do if something goes wrong.

Training or more complex systems is given in a classroom where the theory behind the test and possible error sources are explained.  For multiple instance systems, training courses can be generated so you can train users with your own in-house trainers. Video based training can also be provided.